& Capricorn

A story in Writing by Cal & Jen T.
About the Book

Magpie and Capricorn is a work of fiction intended for all ages. The story revolves around a young boy named Magpie and a young girl named Capricorn, who live together on a mysterious island where their days are peaceful and quiet. One day, while Magpie could think of nothing to do, Capricorn asked of him to “make something” hoping to cure his boredom. Magpie took on her advice and created something that changed their lives forever.

The book will be illustrated in a traditional style inspired by the works of 19th-century children's books, an example being John Tenniel’s illustrations for Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland (1865). Additionally, the book is made from a team effort of husband and wife, writing sentence by sentence to conjoin the ideas of the story together in harmony. Our objective is to have no separation in the conception of the story and a unified narrative that reflects our love for each other. We strive for quality storytelling and powerful themes/messages.


We are currently in the early stages of Magpie & Capricorn's development. As of 12/19/2019 we are on chapter four of the book. Our progress will be updated here thoughout the journey.


Chapter One - ❝ Something to Do

  Magpie sat on the ledge of the window, his head pulled back against the frame while the grass below tickled his dangling foot in the breeze. He didn’t notice, however, for his mind was distant. A stoic expression carved his face beneath the afternoon sun and as he sat there, with the sea blending into the cloudless horizon, he wondered what to do with the day.

  The cottage in which he peered from stood on the highest hill of a remote island. It’s walls, sculpted from a deep blue clay and plastered with broken seashells and bits of sea glass, were built like a lone sandcastle on a beach. Lush garden beds surrounded the cottage; the kaleidoscope of budding heads poured out over the large stones and swayed in the wind.

  Of all the many flowers growing in the garden, the tallest were the sunflowers. Their crowded stalks stood together in a large patch by the cottage; each golden head followed the sun on its heavenly course across the sky, towering above the other flowers - they were the only resemblance of a forest on the entire island, for it was vacant of trees.

  Magpie had been sitting in the window since the early morning with nothing to move him from his spot, even with the rising heat of the all-encompassing sun, he sat like a stone. Recoiling his foot from the tickling grass, he finally realized that nothing around him could move him, for everything on the island led a quiet existence and his heart longed for an urge.

  Then, a sudden rustling came from within the sunflower patch, which caught Magpie’s eye as he squinted in the harsh light for a better look. He witnessed a lone sunflower rise above the rest and begin to weave its head through the garden, looking down upon all that it passed. As it approached him, he couldn’t help but admire its golden mane; to him, it was the undisputed ruler of the garden.

  The wall of sunflowers parted as if a secret door had been pulled open and emerging into the sunlight stood Capricorn, gripping the sunflower’s stem from below. With her free hand, she shielded the sun from her eyes, seeing Magpie’s face in the distance. He too shielded his eyes and, looking back, watched her lips speak words that could not reach his ears. Waving her over to speak, she approached with the sunflower bobbing up and down in her hands.

  “I said - ‘Have you nothing to do?’ ”


Feel free to reach out to us any time concerning our project. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you follow our progress in making Magpie & Capricorn a complete and published work.

- Cal & Jen T.